About Lafayette Square Conservancy

The Lafayette Square Conservancy (LSC) is dedicated to revitalizing, maintaining and improving Lafayette Square, New Orleans’ second oldest park (see map).

The LSC was formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which left the park severely damaged. Large trees were downed and plant material destroyed. Broken glass, roofing material and other debris from nearby buildings littered the park making it unsafe for use. Following the storm, a combination of drought and decreased tree canopy caused further damage to the turf of the park.

The Conservancy was formed by a group of neighborhood residents, downtown workers and concerned citizens who shared an interest in repairing the damage done to the park. Those efforts have in large part remedied the hurricane damage, and the LSC has adopted a five-year plan designed to re-establish Lafayette Square as Downtown’s premier public space.

The Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. The LSC works closely with the City’s Department of Parks and Parkways and the Downtown Development District to ensure that all are working toward common goals. The LSC regularly hosts planting and clean-up days. All of the statuary bed and seasonal plantings in the park are done by the dedicated volunteers of the LSC.

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